Uptick Field

Uptick Field is the job management meets asset tracking platform you've been looking for.

Save time on every job with a complete asset history, impress your customers with photographic reports, and improve your cashflow with instant invoicing.

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Uptick Field provides powerful job and scheduling tools based around comprehensive asset tracking, allowing you to accurately and efficiently conduct your programme maintenance while providing incredible reporting to your facility management and strata management customers.


Beautiful templates that are easy to change, and flexible data models allow you to create custom fields to suit your data.

Simple and fast

Spend less time waiting for pages to load, and more time getting things done. Uptick's modern architecture is fast and scales with your business.


Online or offline, on your mobile, laptop and desktop, Uptick allows you to access your data wherever you need it.


Your data is valuable – we treat it that way. Our permissions management system allows you to control access carefully across your organisation, while maintaining data security with backups and encryption.


We don't just ship a product, we make sure it fits into your existing business infrastructure.


Don't wait until the end of the month to know what's happening in your business, Uptick gives you realtime insight into your operations whenever you need it.

Our solution was specifically designed and built for the Victorian fire industry, for companies with a wide portfolio or strata buildings or commercial realestate. We specialise in programme / routine maintence and essential safety measures auditing.

Job management

Scheduled Maintenance

Client Management

Integrated Accounting

Service Reports

Client Portal

Defect Quoting

Business Intelligence


Signoff Management

Document Management

Customise Data

Job Management

Manage Field Technicians

Manage hundreds of field technicians and tens of thousands of sites with our intuitive job management tools.

Dispatching Work

Effectively dispatch work and track completion progress.

Time Management

Task timelines provide an effective tool to understand technician time and effectiveness.


Record customer signatures to head-off problems before they arise.

Scheduled Maintenance


Maintenance schedules provide an easy way to view what's ahead.


Our lifecycle management tool provides an intuitive and flexible way to record service requirements.

Issue Tasks

Efficiently issue tasks to your field technicians.

Manage Rounds

Split rounds up by skillset to ensure tasks are allocated to the correct technician.

Client Management

Relationship Management

Better understand your clients and manage those relationships.


Uptick provides in-depth tools to manage customer information, their portfolio size and health, and outstanding accounts.


View notes from office staff on the client's timeline - a simple mechanism to understand recent interaction with a client.

Keep Track

Quickly view any archived communications using our simple email correspondence archiver.

Integrated Accounting

End to End

Uptick integrates tightly with your accounting system, and has certified integrations with Xero and MYOB.

Speed up accounts receivables

We allow your field technicians to create and send invoices to the client directly from site.

Better manager your accounts

Office staff can see unpaid invoices, account balances, and create and issue reports with a few mouse clicks.


Because Uptick is API driven, we can integrate with most accounting software.

Service Reports


Give clients the information they need through our powerful templating engine.

Quick Turnaround

Reports can be issued directly from site ensuring a quick turnaround and minimising production overhead for your administrative staff.


Report templates can be styled for unified branding.

Multiple Report Types

New report types can be created and heavily customised allowing you to provide customers with the information they want.

Client Portal

Value Add

Provide huge value-add to customers and reduce burden on your office staff with our online portal.


Allow your clients to keep track of reports.

Portfolio Analytics

Give your clients information they never thought they had with our powerful analytics packages.

Manage Workorders

Show your clients your open tasks and jobs.

Defect Quoting


Automatically generate defect quotes while performing scheduled maintenance.

Quick Turnaround

Defect quotes can be issued directly from site ensuring a quick turnaround and minimising production overhead for your administrative staff.


Defect quotes can be issued electronically, minimiziing your dependancy on paper documents.

Response Tracking

Customer repsonses feed directly into Uptick, creating new workorders as required.

Business Intelligence

Better Decisions

Make better decisions with deep insight into your business' operations.

Understand your Business

Gain an unprecedented level of understanding about all areas of your business.

Gain Efficiencies

Better understand how field technician time is utilised, measure overheads like production and accounts, plan your monthly rounds to allocate resources efficiently.

Intuitive Tools

Uptick provides intuitive tools to explore and optimise all areas of your business.

Correspondence Archiving


Store all incoming and outgoing emails in one centralised location.

Share Knowledge

Redistribute each employee's knowledge across your company.


Emails can be stored against sites or clients, making it easy to find when you need it.


Accessible from the office or out on-site via our mobile tools.

Signoff Management

Bulk Processing

Send multiple signoffs for your sites to contractors at once.


Automate the process, no need for paper or manual data entry.

Keep Track

Manage thousands of signoffs with our tracking and visualisation tools.

Audit Trail

Create an audit trail with our correspondence and notifications features.

Document Management


Keep your documents secure and accessible with our permissions based file sharing solution.


Manage huge amounts of electronic files for properties and clients.


Documents can be stored against sites of a client so you can find them when you need them.


Access documents from the office or out on-site via our mobile tools.

Customise Data


We allow you to add your custom branding to make sure your reports are recognisable.

Customisation Tools

Change the way data is presented to your client with our customisation tools.


We can add new data fields and models to ensure our system matches your business needs.


Customise report and email layouts to match your style.