Uptick FM

Uptick FM provides tools for facilities managers with large portfolios who want to reduce administrative overhead and improve communication with their clients.

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Imagine a platform where all your suppliers use the same tools that you do, that's what we're building. We expect the product to be commercially available in 2017, however we're already working with several major organisations to streamline their operations. Contact us for more information.


Enterprise software doesn't have to be ugly. Uptick is easy to use.


Your data is valuable -- we treat it that way. Our permissions management system allows you to control access carefully across your organisation, while maintaining data security with backups and encryption.


Online or offline, on your mobile, laptop and desktop, Uptick allows you to access your data wherever you need it.

Powerful tools to make your managers more efficient, reduce your compliance risk, and ensure your business is running smoothly in realtime.



After hours portal



Knowledge management



Use our end to end tendering management system to help track tenders through the full process.

Response Tracking

Keep track of tender response times to ensure your going to the most responsive contractors.


Create a work order from an acceptable tender response with one easy click of the button.


Manage your authorisation processes quickly and easily.


Document History

Keep a record of all documents relevant to the workorder with our unique and secure document tracking system.

Session Tracking

Track the amount of time a contractor spends on site with our session tracking system.

Peace of Mind

We log all changes made in the system so you can see when things are progressing to keep you informed.

Review Process

Review completed works and re-open if not up to scratch - all with a few clicks of a button.

After Hours Portal


Provide third party contractors limited site information so they can identify insurance information in times of emergencies.


We limit the search results and log IP addresses to keep your information safe.


Track Your Compliance

We provide simple views to give you an overall picture of your properties compliance status by asset type.

Dig Deep

Drill down into your compliance issues with our easy to use graphing features.

Monitor Contractors

You will have access to which contractors are responsible for each asset component in the system and how contractors are performing.

Contractor Exposure

We'll let you know how many different contractors are responsible for each asset type in your portfolio - giving you an opportunity to consolidate and gain efficiencies.


Notify Contractors

Easily create a rectification notification to contractors with photos and notes.

Progress Tracking

Keep track your rectifications and check on your contractors progress.

Knowledge Management

Share Internal Knowledge

Uptick is flexible enough to share knowledge amongst users, helping to optimise your workforce and contracts.

Document Management

Your documents are stored on our secure web based file storage system against each property so all users have access while on the go.